5 reasons eating healthy is easier than you think

Food is our body's fuel and simply...the BEST. Who doesn't love food?! Sometimes it is our relationships with certain foods where we run into issues. These are just 5 reasons healthy eating can be as easy as checking your Instagram feed every morning. Here's why:

1. Make Your Body Happy - Falling into "fads" when starting to change your eating habits is the easiest mistake to make. Truth is that the latest health craze doesn't know what your body needs. The only one with the power to know this is YOU. Everything we put into our bodies is fuel to get us through our days. From helping us get out of bed to the moment our head hits the pillow and gets lost in dreams all night before starting over again. We need fuel at every step to keep us happy, hydrated, nourished and energized.

Choose foods that make your body happy. This probably sounds crazy right now but just trust me :) Finding what works best for your body is going to be a lot of trial and error because it requires you to listen to your body's needs and responses to the foods you provide. If you eat a whole bag of your favorite chips or five servings of Green Tea Mochi (honestly, my biggest weakness), your body will quickly let you know what it thinks. Only difference is, this time, you are going to listen and make adjustments.

2. Drink Water - Staying hydrated is KEY to optimizing health and healthy eating. Try keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times (personally, I love glass bottles). Make it your newest fashion accessory. [Quick selling tangent: Sand Cloud Towels makes a super cute glass water bottle with a wooden top. Feel free to follow the link under "Products" tab above and use my code "AbbyN25" to get 25% off your entire purchase]

One of my favorite tips for drinking water all day is to have refills readily available. If you are at home most of the day, this can be easy because you might want to have your filtered pitcher prepped and in the fridge or a fancy water filtering faucet at the sink. The real challenge is having refills on the go. Sometimes I have multiple reusable water bottles ready for my day or have a large bottle as a back up reservoir to fill my go-to water bottle back up. Find the easiest way for you. Remember, mistakes are a good thing! So don't be worried if your first idea doesn't go so smoothly the first time, or even the tenth time. Take time to focus on what your body is telling you and adjust.

3. Start Simple - You don't need to have a five-course menu for each meal. Just pick some of your favorite recipes, fruits, vegetables and foods to begin with and go from there.

4. Meal (AND Snack) Prep - Pick a day of the week, perhaps one that works best for an evening you can spend at home. Plan out how many days you will be working in a row before your next day off, or even brainstorm the days you will be the busiest. What nights will you be home too late to make dinner? Which mornings are you going to be rushing out the door for work? When do you need to have lunch ready as you clock out for your 30-60 minutes of freedom?

On the evening or afternoon of the day you picked, prep the meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, based on the answers you wrote down for the questions above. Now, let's be honest: the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is go to the kitchen to prepare an elaborate, "healthy" snack, as your stomach gargles to remind you that you haven't eaten since your lunch break. Keeping this in mind, having quick go-to snacks for moments like these is important too.

5. Have Fun! - Eating "healthy" does not have to be boring. Instead of feeling the need to take away all your favorite sugary snacks and junk food, just find something new to try. Get creative and find what works for you!!