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    Free Plan
    • Booster for High Performance,More Happiness & Supreme HeaIth
    • Resources for Yoga, Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness
    • Proactiveness for your activity, sleep and nutrition
  • Best Value


    Every month
    • Wellbeing with Yoga, Nutrition, Sleep, Mindfulness
    • Self Guided Higher Performance Plan
    • Step-by-Step Program for Healthier Routine
    • Tools to Zen Habits
    • 2 Global Group Sessions (Private)
  • Premier

    Every month
    Coach Powered Plan
    • Personalized Wellbeing Plan for Yoga,Nutrition,Sleep,Mind
    • Specific guidance from Health & Wellness Coach
    • Step-by-Step Program for Higher Performance Routine
    • Tools to unlock deep Sleep mechanism
    • 6 Global Group Sessions (Private)
    • 2 scheduled 30 minute 1:1 video coaching session monthly
    • Weekly Check-In (Continuous Accountability)

Enterprise Plan

Ready to invest in positive healthy behavior change and increase performance in group of people?

Plus plans available for schools, companies, NGOs and high volume customers.


All plans include


Incredible life-changing things happen when we root an intense routine of mindfulness.




Mental Wellbeing




We take our positive impact very seriously, which is why we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you subscribe with us for 30 days and feel like online services are not a good fit, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund for your first month and require no additional payments.


Discovery Call

100 spots open

We are opening 100 spots for passionate people who want to Elevate their Performance and Happiness.

We promise we won't give cliched advice ✊(hint: 8 glasses of water) 🚱(which btw is not applicable to everyone- so STOP referring to online blogs for your wellness needs!) 🕉

Join our pilot of 100 users to be a high performer and happy human - full of life and positivity, sleeping like a baby, rejoicing like a kid and powering through your days - to truly achieve your best self, and live your Level 10 life. 🕉

Join us in our consumer-led pilot. Tell us your needs!

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