Global Health

More than 50%

of the world lives with Chronic Disease


of Disease Management is in the hands of individuals and their families

Source : Center for Managing Chronic Disease, University of Michigan

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“The 6 best doctors: Exercise, Diet, Rest, Air, Water and Sunshine”

Buddha's Teachings and Science

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Providing a unique blend of Eastern and Western expertise, our health coaches, fitness instructors, dieticians & nutritionists, and happiness therapists aim to fulfil the BlissApp mission of becoming one's most successful version. We provide services for Health, Wellness & Fitness for All age groups -  Infants and Children (0 to 10 years), Teens (11 to 19 years), Young Adults (20 to 39 years), Adults (40 to 64 years), and Seniors (65 years & older) catering to each specific need of the individual.

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Ancient + Modern Wisdom

We integrate traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta (divine consciousness) with international wellness experiences, fitness & healthy cuisines recommendations to restore balance and harmonise energy.  We bring together the ancient remedies, practices, and the deep rooted wisdom of Indian culture and blend them all with the best of international practices.


ancient science of Ayurveda for digestion metabolism and immunity


balance mind, body and spirit


attain emotional and mental harmony from within


philosophy of vedas for eternal principles of life and living


blend best practices for overall wellness & fitness


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